30 Day Affiliate Challenge Updates


ENDS APRIL 29, 2013

Screen Shot 2013 04 12 at 8.07.18 AM 550x318 30 Day Affiliate Challenge Updates


1st Place

One Hour Coaching Session with Jim based on your Disc, Values and Attributes Assessments (Value PRICELESS)

2nd Place

30 Minute Coaching Session with TUG Coach based on DISC & Values Assessments (Value $100)

3rd Place

 iPod Shuffle (Value $49)

Anyone Who Sells a Product

 Jim's interview with Natalie - How to Master the Game of Life


Affiliates will get 10 points for every dollar sold and 5 points for

every person sent into the 24 Hour Wealth Challenge.


24 Hour Wealth Challenge

The 24 Hour Wealth Challenge begins April 9. We encourage you to share this with your community. This challenge is free to you and your community and will help to engage them to level up to a bigger game. Once they have completed the 24 Hour Wealth Challenge, this is the time to introduce the Ultimate Life Assessments and the 90 Day Challenge - Instant Access.


Ultimate Life Assessment Bundle

You would never go to a doctor and accept a prescription before he did an exam, right? That would be malpractice!!!So why do so many people try to prescribe solutions to change your life before they ever know the first thing about what's going on with you?Well, One of the most powerful products the Ultimate Game of Life offers relates directly to getting to know yourself through assessments.

Assessments can help people:

  • Better understand their communication style (and avoid relationship and team breakdowns)
  • Elicit their values and use those values to create more energy and inspiration and more importantly, make sure their goals are in perfect alignment with their values
  • Work more effectively with others and in teams
  • Improve their ability to be managed or manage others
  • Create value and differentiate themselves in the market
  • While taking an assessment individually can be helpful, it can be even more powerful to combine several assessments that complement each other and give you a more holistic picture of what it takes to succeed in life and business. 

The good news is....we have just the right formula that has been tested on our high end clients. By combining these 3 profiles---

1) DISC Assessment

2) Values Assessment

3) Ultimate Life Assessment

...you and your clients will be blown away at how simple yet profound the insights will be from the reports. 

90 Day Challenge - Instant Access

The Ultimate Game of Life is launching a new product line allowing people to play our 90 Day Challenge at any time called "90 Day Challenge - Instant Access".The 90 Day Challenge LIVE has been our flagship product where players can join the LIVE interactive webinars, use the online scorecards, get real time Laser Coaching and connect with other players in the private facebook community.Bottom line is...it transforms lives...

And now, for the first time ever, we are offering the "90 Day Challenge - Instant Access" program which allows players to proceed at their own pace with the webinars as well as play the game at a lower price point.

We have so many players in different time zones begging to play the game, but wanted to watch the webinar at their convenience.

So that's what we did...now you can access the 9 recorded Live Webinars, join 3 LIVE coaching gyms, access the online scorecard and join a facebook community of other Instant Access Players.

Take advantage of this new offering to provide value to your network today!


During the 30 Day Affiliate Challenge kickoff webinar, Jim Bunch introduced you to 3 products and discussed how, who and where you can profit from sharing them. He also discussed how you can play a bigger game, level up your life and earn money while helping other players win their game. 

If you were unable to make it or would like to see it again....