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Whether you’re one of our players who would like to “get paid to play”, or you’re an affiliate marketer or product/content producer in the personal growth niche, we’ve got some exciting new developments in our referral program setup to share with you.

We now have a dedicated affiliate manager, Jennifer Busick who’ll you’ll be able reach directly and who will be passing along the latest tips and strategies for growing and nurturing your tribe.

Soon, we’ll be providing you with more resources to make it easy to promote TUG while adding value and building rapport with your list.

But here’s what makes our referral program truly special…

You send a visitor one time, and they are cookied for not 30 days… but an entire year. Also, when we send out promotional emails to leads that you sent us, we will automatically append YOUR affiliate ID to the email, which re-cookies them.

For example, during a promotion, by mailing early, and being the first to send a lead… that lead gets “coded” to you.

Now, if you are already familiar with how most programs work, the last referrer gets credit for the sale. That’s true here also, but by promoting early, you get a distinct advantage, because our system will re-cookie a lead to you automatically.

We call this the ultimate affiliate program, because you could potentially send a lead once, and get paid on product purchases that customer makes for the entire lifecycle of our relationship with them.

We won’t accept just anyone…

Because of the fact we’ve set our system up this way, we are careful about who we allow to participate in our referral program. So, each application is individually reviewed, and we don’t accept just anyone.

So please submit your application using the form below, and we’ll notify you with your approval status and send you your login information.

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