Free Ultimate Life Assessment Bundle ($97 Value)

Overview of the Ultimate Life Assessment: We like to think of the 9 Environments as a better, more powerful way to design your Ultimate Life.  You see, for centuries, people all over the world have been adapting to the world while simultaneously they are creating their world as a reflection of themselves.  What if you started to consciously design your world so that you could achieve more of your goals and become the person you have always wanted to be. Well now you can, and the 9 Environments assessment is the first step to realizing where you need to focus to play YOUR Ultimate Game!


Overview of the Values Assessment: It is not uncommon to see business owners and organizations orient their businesses around many things including needs, wants and shoulds.  But, being clear on your values will call you to play a much bigger, more meaningful game as a business leader.  This very simple but powerful assessment  will help you get clear on your 7 Dimensions of Value and Motivation and how to use your values to improve and grow your self, business or organization. What if you finally understood why you naturally gravitate toward certain goals and activities and sometimes you have trouble getting yourself to do the things you need to do. The Values Index measures your motivation style and drivers and will help you see how to design your life around your values so you are pulled into a bigger future instead of feeling like you need to drag or pull yourself to get ahead. Invest about 20 minutes in taking your Values Index Assessment and unlock your internal motivators once and for all.


Overview of the Disc Assessment: What if you only did the things you loved to do and the activities you were great at.  Do you think you’d have more energy and less stress?  Do you think you would earn more money?  Would you be happier in your relationships and with yourself? More than 2 million people have taken this test to instantly understand their behavioral styles and personal types and then design their life to operate from their natural abilities and perform at the best. Keep in mind that there are many different versions of DISC assessments…and this is the Rolls Royce.  When you take this quick online assessment, you will immediately be emailed a detailed, yet easy to understand report that will tell you not only who you are but how to start living your life according to your profile immediately.