Gaming can make a better World

The Ultimate Game of Life is committed to transforming
the way we do life by making life more fun, more engaging,
more transparent and more of a game.

After all, what is the one game that everyone on the planet
is playing.....The Ultimate Game of Life.

If you think games are just for fun, think again and watch
gamification expert, Jane McGonigal share some mind blowing
facts about how games can be used for good to change everything
in our world.

We would love to see your comments so please post below.

Game On!

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Jim Bunch

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About The Author: Jim Bunch is the founder of The Ultimate Game of Life and has been a leader in the coaching and personal transformation industry for over 20 Years. Also referred to as "The Ultimate Life Entrepreneur," Jim has coached and mentored some of the world top business and thought leaders. - has written 42 articles

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  • Michael van Holst

    It’s astounding what a purpose and a little feedback can inspire us to do.

  • Sam

    That’s certainly a whole different take on gaming.  Interesting, too.

  • Ronald J

    Very interesting concept!!!

  • Martin Ware

    Very interesting concept indeed! A group of tuggers have started playing games that involve them and others to be more productive and I must say its a fun experience.. Now its time to figure out how to shift that energy and create a change in the world

  • Paula Sawyer Nesbitt

    Now just imagine applying gaming to mobile apps. Get ready!!

    • Jim Bunch

       Its on the way :)

  • Catherine Ayotte

    I love it! I wasn<t so sure about games,..I have changed my mind!
    I would love to share with her in 5 years EconoGeo's info
    It would be a good team up
    Thanks for the share

  • Catherine Ayotte

    Love it! I wasn’t so sure about games! I have changed my mind!
    I would love to share EconoGeo’s info in 5 years
    Thanks for the share

  • Ferlandchristian

    Thank you Jim !

  • Tracy Alyssa Reid

    This is awesome!!  I loved the history lesson too.  :)

  • Margie Rysner

    WOW! Epic Wins, Making the future and Changing the World doing and being rewarded for Good! I come from a generation that grew up with board games, cards and non violence. When gaming came out, I heard of so much violence with them that I had no desire to be part of them. Now, Yahoo! I understand more and I truly believe we can change the World together through optimism and a knitting together of Social Games. I have goose bumps! Thanks for sharing this video and bringing it into my awareness Jim!

  • Viktoriya Zakharova

    I love this video! It puts gaming in perspective.  Let’s play!

  • Alyssa Raelle Taylor

    This has got me thinking. How would we collectively react to widespread scarcity? This makes me want to look into solar-powered homes. 

  • Kathy Junge Rigg

    I love hearing about the calculation of human hours spent thus far. How many hours on social media too? We are evolving together on a different scale. hmmm…

    • Jim Bunch

       It makes me excited to think of billions of people collaborating to handle the worlds biggest challenges….after all… “Life is a Team Sport”.

  • Karen Richards

    Wow – this video made so much sense!  I’ve shared it with everyone I know.  The phrase “I am making the future” needs to become my mantra!

    • Jim Bunch

       Thanks for sharing with your friends….we are super excited to build a global community of people “Playing and winning….The Ultimate Game of Life”!  Game On.

  • Fran

    This makes it so easy to see why Jim is so committed to bringing gaming into the coaching arena.  It combines the best of both worlds taking us all to our Ultimate Game of Life.  I’m so excited to see it in action.  Game ON!

  • Brandi Massie

    Thanks Jim! This video was very inspiring and had such a powerful message. Really puts it into perspective.

  • Anne Lesperance

    Awesome share Jim! Looking forward to the gamified version of TUG!!! Bring it! :)

  • david t (scammed by this game)

    This is complete garbage. This is New World Order Mind control propaganda. Oil shortage? World  Bank Institute. Really. I’ll pass on this mindless garbage. Play a game for an hour a day.  I’ll go to the gym. Thx.

  • Lisa Darling

    Jim, I cannot get enough of this video and Jane McGonigal! She resonates with that part of my inner core being and values that I’ve utilized my entire life and have indoctrinated as a professional and as a mother! I have three children, they are 19, 14 and 6. I have never been the type of mother to say, “Turn off that silly game/APP!”, “Why don’t you and your friends go play outside?”, etc. I saw beyond the game/APPS and identified what was happening, the kids were collaborating, socializing, working together and they were creating their own village that they built, supported and valued. It was their way! I respected and idolized watching them negotiate and go global with their connections. I also noticed they didn’t sit for hours and hours gaming. They would address all nine of their environments in equal fashion. They would game as a unified group, they would exercise outside in some fashion, they would eat a healthy snack, rest, talk, share, network, they would mastermind finances when they heard of new games/apps coming out and maximize their money, etc. It was and continues to be beauty in motion, there was nothing mindless, lazy, small minded, boring nor does it lack design! My children affirmed what I knew as a small child, creating your own life, village, connecting, negotiating, going global, etc., is the way. I am excited to join in Janes, your and The Game’s global outreach to educate in a way that is fun, engaging and so much more! My blessed ultimate life! Thank you!