May 2014 Player of the Month

We are excited to announce Barbara Von Mettenheim as May’s Player of the Month!

barbara 300x257 May 2014 Player of the Month

Barbara has inspired our community with her incredible attitude and commitment to achieving wellness.

Last year Barbara was diagnosed with cancer and faced this challenge to her health with the firm intention that she would fight through the treatment and she would be well.

We received overwhelming comments from her fellow teammates in her nominations and would like to share how Barbara encouraged and inspired the Ultimate Game community:

  • “No matter what, Barbara maintained a positive attitude and stayed upbeat throughout the entire process. She even continued to work from home and continued her participation on the TUG Facebook page.”
  • “Barbara has a quiet presence that has been specifically inspiring to me throughout the past five months, encouraging me to come up to the bar no matter the circumstances.”
  • “Barbara has expanded my awareness of how powerful setting an intention of wellness is. The very act of setting the intention that she would come through the entire experience was instrumental in her successful transition through all aspects of the treatment. Even during the most energy-draining phases of treatment, she maintained an eye on the prize - being completely healed.”
  • “Barbara is an awesome player. She is courageous and a noble example of inspiration.”
  • “Barbara has inspired me to affirm my beliefs. To think “who am I to say I am not big or good enough?”

Her commitment to wellness held her strong through treatment and we know that she will continue her journey to happiness, health and wealth!

Barbara’s next goal is to walk a marathon. Game ON!

Leave your comments and congratulations to Barbara below!

Please continue to submit nominations! Each month the team will look at all nominations, past and present. Don’t be afraid to nominate yourself! The Ultimate Player of the Year will be chosen from this year’s 12 Player of the Month winners.

Please Click Here to make your nominations for June 2014!

Until we connect again, have fun and remember, it's you're choice to Create your Ultimate Life!

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About The Author: Jim Bunch is the founder of The Ultimate Game of Life and has been a leader in the coaching and personal transformation industry for over 20 Years. Also referred to as "The Ultimate Life Entrepreneur," Jim has coached and mentored some of the world top business and thought leaders. - has written 42 articles

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  • Darcy Deming-Fisher

    Congratulations Barbara… you are the epitome of what The Ultimate Game of Life is all about! You are a true inspiration to all of us… thank you for sharing your journey!

  • Phil Black

    Congratulations Barbara… as her coach for over 3 years Barbara reflects the spirit of what this community has to offer. From the early days of both Jim B and myself stopping her in mid story and doing constant reframings, seriously multiple times and multiple occasions to her staying the course, forging her path as a brilliant intelligent woman. She tapped into the community of like minded people, she found her voice, she shared her voice, sometimes like the lioness she had become. She had found her quiet truth and nurtured it into a roaring declaration of her commitment as a Warrior Goddess. This all lead to her discover last year of the battle of her life. It was not easy, it was terrifying at times, humbling as we watched as her fans from the stands at this woman, covered with dust and sweat battling day in and day out like the most honored Gladiator. She used her brilliance to select the best of the best to help heal her, she trusted those around her and gave direction to where she was heading. She lead her healing process by putting the best bench of players together. The road has not been easy, sometimes lonely and daunting. The woman, the lady, the mother, the friend, the warrior, the girl, the student, the coach and most of all the leader showed up for the fight of her life. This illness did not define her, the character that she possessed while battling this does. Well done Barbara you exemplify the spirit of TUG. It’s not that we don’t feel that we get our ass kick at one point of another in life, it’s how willing and able are you to get back up, dust yourself off and say… “BRING IT” That is the greatness I see you in you Barbara! Love you, Coach Phil

  • Cheryl Pollock

    Congratulations Barbara you are example of how strong the mind and power of belief along with your courage and hard work you can achieve anything. What a journey you are amazing!