TUG 2012 Player of the Year

Congratulations Liz Ramos

jimandliz 300x279 TUG 2012 Player of the Year


Every single day, the Ultimate Game of Life is hearing and
celebrating the wins of our players through training camps,
Facebook private groups, coaching calls, accountability
partners and many other countless ways.

Every year one player stands out as a true champion in the game.
The Ultimate Game of Life team looks inside our incredible community
of players and identifies one individual who exemplifies an "Ultimate
Player of the Year".

Someone who exhibits an ultimate player status does a few things above and beyond.

  1. ENGAGES in the game consistently through Facebook, accountability partners, team calls, Coaching Gyms and Training Camps
  2. INSPIRES the players and coaches to raise their own games through their contributions to the community. We also look for a player who is transparent and authentic in their game as well as community. Most importantly, we look for an inspirational player who displays enthusiasm, commitment and ownership in their own game.
  3. ACHIEVES high levels of success, despite circumstances.

This is of course no easy decision and now the decision is not
only up to our staff, it's up to the players as well. This past
weekend, we took advantage of an event where many of our players
were gathered to honor and award the 2012 Ultimate Game of Life
Player of the Year.

This award highlights an individual player who has a high level
of engagement and contribution such as always being present and
"playing full out".

Please help us welcome our 2012 Ultimate Player of the Year, Liz Ramos..a true champion.

  • Liz consistently shows up ready to play and challenges others to do the same
  • Her desire to succeed is unwavering as she faces her challenges head on with purpose and positivity
  • Liz approached the Ultimate Game of Life about providing our products in Spanish and has taken on the challenge of translating all the materials as well as recording the training camps.

Give Liz some shout outs by commenting below and if you've been personally
touched, please let her know how so it can really sink in how important and
powerful of a player she is.

Until we connect again, have fun and remember, its you're choice to Create your Ultimate Life!

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Jim Bunch

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About The Author: Jim Bunch is the founder of The Ultimate Game of Life and has been a leader in the coaching and personal transformation industry for over 20 Years. Also referred to as "The Ultimate Life Entrepreneur," Jim has coached and mentored some of the world top business and thought leaders. - has written 42 articles

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jbunch Jim Bunch

    Congratulations Liz,

    You are a rock star and the whole community really respects and appreciates you and your accomplishments.
    The next year, with you taking The Game into Spanish speaking markets, is going to be a huge impact on many people worldwide.Game ON!

    • Liz Ramos

      Thank you Jim, for so many things… For carrying out your vision, for improving the lives of others with your passion, for creating this community, for allowing us to take part in the vision.  I can’t wait to celebrate many future successes – maybe on vacation! hee hee :) 

  • Loisblumenthal

    Congratulations Liz!  A very well deserved award.  I enjoyed having you on team calls.  You were always an inspiration!  Keep shining your bright light!

    • Liz Ramos

      LOIS!! Miss you! I love our names next to each other on that trophy! Been meaning to ask you, what fun did you have with your trophy while you had it? :) 

  • Tripp_mehew

    Congratulations Liz…Jim Bunch is a class act with real solution oriented services… To win anything from JB is a testament to your hard work.

    • Liz Ramos

      Thank you! Yes, it’s truly an honor… 

  • Eileen Stern

    I am truly blessed for having Liz as a friend. She is giving. transparent, insightful, smart and above all fun! We just got back from our Monday morning walk which helps me say…”It’s Monday morning—–Whooooo Hooooooo ! I cannot think of a more deserving recipient than Liz!

    • Liz Ramos

      DITTO my friend! I love our starting our week out in such gorgeous nature and with such great company.  I have nothing but admiration for everything you are and for the lemon curd you make, LOL! Love ya tons!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002404744978 Jennifer Rodriguez

    Yeah Liz!  You were the perfect choice and never was a better player selected:)  Keeping on being the best and congratulations!
    Your Facebook friend,
    Jen Rodriguez

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002404744978 Jennifer Rodriguez

    Yeah Liz!  You were the perfect choice and never was a better player choosen!  Keep on being the best and congratulations!  Your Facebook Friend…

    • Liz Ramos

      Thank you Jennifer, how sweet of you to say… :) Cheers!

  • Lori Giesey

    Congratulations Liz!!  So excited for you!  I enjoyed meeting you in San Diego and look forward to getting to know you better.  I think it is incredible what you are doing to get TUG translated into Spanish!  Thank you for being a great example of what we can accomplish and the difference we can make.  You ROCK!  

    • Liz Ramos

      Hi Lori! Yes, it was wonderful meeting players who I’ve not been privileged to interact with as part of a quarterly team.  There are no limits to what we can accomplish, especially when we are backed by such an inspiring community like our TUG community :)

  • Kelly Donagan

    Congratulations Liz!  So proud of you & love your idea of expanding the Game by translating it to Spanish!  I’ve no doubt it’ll do well.  Enjoy the top spot – you deserve it :)

    • Liz Ramos

      Thank you Kelly!

  • David Mac

    Congratulations Liz.  Thank you for your efforts

  • Tom Koenig

    Congratulations Liz! It was a pleasure to meet you in San Diego your enthusiasm and energy shown about you! Keep up the great work and sharing and reaching out to make the world a better place for all of us.

    • Liz Ramos

      Hi Tom, thank you for those kind words. It was great meeting you and Kris, since I had not had a chance to meet her in person before either.  It’s wonderful when you can share such an important journey with your significant other :) 

  • Nitalechner

    Ya Liz!!!  Well done-much deserved!  You have certainly been an inspiration to many people, but personally to me as we moved through some time together.  I applaud your strength and courage.  May you continue to be blessed in all you do.  I love you.  Nita

    • Liz Ramos

      Ms. Nita! Thank you… Miss you.  People like you are what create the great community and culture that TUG is, it’s been wonderful being on the TUG journey with you… Hugs!

  • http://twitter.com/ronhori Ron Hori

    Hi Liz, congratulations! With all your hard work and dedication I know you deserve the award!
    Ron Hori

  • http://twitter.com/ronhori Ron Hori

    Hi Liz, congratulations!  With all your hard work and dedication, you deserve the recognition!
    Ron Hori

    • Liz Ramos

      Hi Ron! Thank you, I appreciate your friendship and support, it’s priceless.  You ROCK my friend :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/anamaria.pimentel3 Ana Maria Pimentel

    Congratulations, Liz Ramos, your recognition is well deserved. I started the game and quit, shortly after, on account of many reasons, one of them being money. What you’ve done, I wish I could do too, because that’s one of my dreams as a translator: to share with people worldwide, mainly the under priviledged, knowledge and contents that can be useful to improve their lives and help them make their dreams come true. Congratulations, to Jim Bunch and all the team!

    • Liz Ramos

      Hi Ana Maria! I encourage you to re-join when you can, it’s an amazing experience.  I’ve stuck through it during the most challenging time of my life last year, and I grew through these hard experiences by leaps and bounds :) Please connect with my on FB http://www.facebook.com/ramoselizabeth would love to keep in touch :) Game On! Saludos!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MartinWare10 Martin Ware

    Awesome Congrats Liz Ramos!!! You are such an inspiration to playing life at the pro level and striving to design life instead of living life by default!! Your so Amazing and such a Superstar!! Felicidades Amiga =)

  • Lisa Darling

    Liz, congratulations! This photo is such a great capture of a phenomenal moment in time I feel so blessed to be a part of in San Diego! You are such an inspiration and I am inspired by your dedication to giving back and translating The Ultimate Game of Life into Spanish. You have a hand in transforming so many people around the world in their native language and that is giving back on so many levels! :) Thank you for being a bright light not only on the TUG community for being a bright shining light on it’s way to Spanish speaking people who will benefit exponentially by having access to TUG! :)