Item Inventory and Board Instructions

Welcome to your Inventory Collections page!

(click the Welcome line or the Collections picture to see your items)

Throughout the game, as you complete actions you will be requested to select a picture or “item” to add to your inventory. Depending on the level of game you are playing, you may only be able to select a limited number of items.  Therefore, it is important to drop and take items as they become more relevant to you.  These items represent various elements of the Nine Environments; therefore, you will want to select items which mean something to you or represent who you are.  As you proceed through your Game, we will give you further instructions regarding what to do with these items.  In the meantime, happy collecting!


  1. Create your Boards:  On your Collections page, the first thing you will need to do is create a board for each of the Nine Environments.
    • Select an environment from the drop down (i.e., Body)
    • Click the “Create Board Instance” button to the right
    • Repeat for each of the Nine Environments
  2. Review Item Description: Each item has a description explaining the meaning of the item.
    • Click on any item to read the description
    • Many items can be placed on various environment boards depending on what it means to you. Determine which environment board you want to put it on.
    • Click “Close” to close out the item description
  3. Place Item on an Environment Board: Now that you’ve determined which environment the item should be placed, you can put it on the respective environment board.
    • Select the appropriate Environment board
    • Click the “Place” button on the item
    • The item will now appear on the specific Environment board
  4. Remove an Item from an Environment Board: If you decide you don’t want a particular item to appear on a specific board, you can easily move it back into your inventory.
    • Select the Environment board containing the item you want to move.
    • Click the “Place” button on the item
    • The item will now appear in your Inventory box
  5. Exchange One Item for a Another Item:  As you progress further into the game, you may decide to upgrade your items for others.  Keep in mind, depending on the level of game you are playing, you will be limited to the number of items you can have in your inventory (see “Keys to Success” below).
    • Items can be exchanged for other items only when you have been prompted to pick an item after completing a random action.
    • Make sure your item you want to exchanged is in the inventory box versus in an Environment board.
    • When you’ve completed an action which prompts you to select an inventory item, you can then “Drop” and “Take” items as needed.


  • Goal:  Collect items which represent me or my environment as well as describe who I am or who I want to become.
  • Observe:  Selecting items will allow you to learn more about the environments as well how they can support your goals.  Pay attention to your thoughts as you select items.  Do they evoke positive or negative emotions?  Curiosity or frustration?
  • Ultimate Life Assessment:  Looking for ideas to describe or improve your environment?  Review your Ultimate Life Assessment results.
  • Community Connections:  During your game, we will share with you others who are collecting items similar to yours.  This compatibility matching will provide you an opportunity to connect with other members in The Ultimate Game of Life community.  You can also learn how others are creating environments to support their goals.
  • Obtain Items:  You obtain items as you complete random actions throughout the game.  Want more items?  Go back to your previous lessons and look for actions you didn’t complete.  Complete the action and you may be pleasantly surprised to retrieve an item.
  • More Items Needed:  Depending on the level of play you are engaged in, you will be allowed to collect only a certain amount of items.  We encourage you to pay attention to which environment boards were easy to populate versus an environment that was not.  Try and have an equal number of items across all your boards.
  • Can’t Find an Item:  Looking for a particular item to represent something in your environment?  This game is designed for you!  See instructions below on how to request an item for the inventory.


Each of the Nine Environments are diverse in nature, especially with 7 billion people on the planet!  If you don’t see an item you would like displayed on your Environment boards, click HERE for instructions on how to submit your suggestion.