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The Ultimate Game is broken up into three different levels depending on where you are starting and what level you are looking to achieve next!

Watch the video and follow the directions below to get started playing YOUR Ultimate Game.

Find YOUR Life Coach!

To get started or to learn more, simply click on one of the game levels below and start playing the game today. We invite you to start at Level I and work your way up to ensure you have a strong foundation upon which to grow your success.

Coaching Overview

Levels of The Game

  • Level I

    TUG Level I

    The 24 Hour Challenges
    Level II

    TUG Level II

    The 90 Day Success Challenge

Coaching Overview

Coaching is Key

Are You Looking For a Life Coach?

Coaching and mentoring make up the foundation of the Ultimate Game of Life.

For over 15 years the Coaches at The Ultimate Game have been helping people just like you achieve new levels of success in all areas of their life.  We firmly believe that constant learning and improvement ultimately lead to success.  "Practice makes Perfect" in sports, right?  Wrong.  Perfect Practice makes Perfect and its the same in life.  Our coaches will show you the way tp practice perfectly and achieve your goals.

Choose Your Level

Choosing the right level for you is easy.  There are 3 levels of life coaching courses that you can choose to play:

  • Level I - The 28 Day Challenge- Perfect for the player who is new to the game or who is looking to make minor adjustments and changes within the next month.

  • Level II - The 90 Day Challenge- Perfect for the player who is ready to make some serious adjustments and changes in their life.  The natural progression from The 28 Day Challenge.
  • Level III - The Year Long Game- Designed for massive action and to drive long term change in your Happiness, Health and Wealth.  Most of our players end up here after playing at the first two levels or when they are ready to seriously commit to long term positive change in their lives.

Take Immediate Action

One of the most powerful actions anyone can take is the first action.  Marathon runners always state that the hardest step they ever take is the first one, so we encourage you to choose a level of the game, wherever you currently find yourself or your need and simply take action!

All of our games are backed by our 100% satisfaction Guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Game On!

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All Coaching, Products and Events offered by the Ultimate Game of Life are backed by our Iron Clad - 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable in your purchase which is why we have taken all the risk out of participating in The Ultimate Game of Life.   Please view the terms & conditions for additional information.