TUG Level II

The 90 Day Challenge

The 90 Day Challenge-

This is the flagship coaching product of The Ultimate Game & over 11,000 players have participated in this program. For over 10 years the program has consistently been refined & has incorporated the likes of world famous authors & speakers such as Jack Canfield.

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Level II

How to Play The Ultimate Game of Life Level 2

Is 90 Days Enough Time To Create Happiness, Health & Wealth?


The Ultimate Game of Life Level 2 is a “90 Day Challenge” for beginning and intermediate players who are ready to step up to a bigger game.

You’ll focus on creating change in the three key areas of your life – Happiness, Health and Wealth – by committing to 3 goals and 3 daily actions toward those goals per day.

What really sets Level 2 apart from other online life coaching courses is the live, interactive environment in which the game takes place. You’ll attend 9 training camp webinars over the course of the 90 days.  In addition, you’ll take part in weekly coaching gym conference call where you’re able to interact with other players, ask questions, share experiences and be personally coached by the game’s Ultimate Coaches.

90 Day Challenge Webinar Topics:

  1. Playing and Winning the Game: Learn the rules and set yourself up to win The Ultimate Game of Life
  2. Goal Setting and Achieving: Setting and achieving measurable and authentic goals that raise your quality of life
  3. Eliminating and Simplifying: Simplifying your life by uncovering and eliminating your hidden energy and time drains
  4. Conditioning and Programming: Conditioning and programming your mind to achieve greater success
  5. The 9 Environments of You: Designing the ultimate environments to support your success
  6. Foundations for Success: How to build long-term sustainable success
  7. Living a Values Driven Life: How to clarify your core values…and live a values-driven life
  8. Focus and the Law of Attraction: How to harness the power of focus and law of attraction to become an unstoppable success
  9. Awareness in Action: Learning to be present and to observe the gift of life around you
  10. Bonus Call: Reviewing your performance, capturing insights, and announcing the winners of the game

Webinar Replays will be available for all Training Camp Webinars.

Level 2 Summary

  • 90 days
  • 3 goals (happiness, health and wealth)
  • A daily, online scorecard with habits/actions to follow for each goal
  • Access to the Ultimate Game community and other players
  • A Level 2 accountability partner for the 90 days
  • 9 lesson calls, plus 1 bonus call to share your wins from the game
  • 9 group coaching gym calls to interact with the coach and other player’s around the lesson and/or your awareness’ in the game
  • Downloadable lessons and exercises
  • Invitation to all of our live events with discounted pricing
  • Training Camp Webinars available via replay

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