About Us

The Ultimate Game of Life Company History

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire happiness, health and wealth worldwide.

It may sound like a daunting or even impossible task, but we believe that by raising people’s awareness, getting them into action and creating environments of accountability, we can be a catalyst for positive changes that will permeate and reach every part of our world.


The Ultimate Game of Life is the vision of Jim Bunch, a successful entrepreneur, businessman, author and highly sought after executive life coach to thousands of successful people and many top companies around the world.

After years of experience in the world of both business and personal development, Jim realized there was a missing link between the theories of how to be successful and the practical applications that can actually help get you there.

Jim has now made it his life’s work to bridge the gaps to create  fun, effective and powerful life coaching courses that can help people change their lives and begin realizing their true potential.

The Ultimate Game of Life is the first step in the realization of that dream.