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The Ultimate Game of Life has created the Ultimate Community for people looking to achieve positive and lasting transformations in their lives through coaching courses, personal coaching, learning and interactions with other like-minded individuals. 

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Game Overview

Game Overview

How to Play (and Win) The Ultimate Game of Life-


What is the Game?

There are 6.9 BILLION people on this planet right now and a very small percentage of those people are actually “winning” at life.  We created The Ultimate Game as a community for people looking to transform their lives into something extraordinary and for those who realize that another book, tape or seminar is just not going to cut it.  The Ultimate Game Of Life really takes online coaching courses, life coaching, personal coaching and combines them to create a Game that is much more effective than any one individually.

Think of the simple analogy of life and sports. Life, like sports, has players, fans, coaches, and of course there are rules and rewards. Playing the game of life really isn’t optional…it’s something all 6 billion of us on this planet are currently doing.

Whether it’s a team effort like football, or an individual sport like tennis, when the players enter the game, it’s to enjoy the sport, raise their level of play…and ultimately to WIN. Isn’t that true for life as well? The winners of the game of life are those who play it consciously and effectively. If you look at people from all walks of life, the one thing we have in common is that we were all born without a handbook and we have to figure out how to play and win this game called life.

Mastering the game takes practice and it helps to understand and know the rules of the game. It’s also helpful to have a coach who knows the intricacies of the game to guide you on the path to success and that’s where we come in.  Our coaching courses are designed to give you both life and personal coaching at a higher level and the environments we create allow us to do just that.

In the Ultimate Game of Life, we like to say “The Game is Always On!”

The Stats

Everyone wants to get the most out of the life they have, but the fact is only 5% of the people surveyed state that they are happy with their goal achievement within a few weeks of leaving a seminar or purchasing books/tapes. That’s an astonishing 95% failure rate!

It becomes the classic struggle of more than just knowing what to do, but getting yourself to do what you know.

The Ultimate Game of Life is the result of over 10 years of running coaching courses for thousands of people worldwide. What we learned was nothing short of amazing: when supported by the right environments, engaged by inspiring goals and continuously coached, people reached their goals over 78% of the time. The only way to not reach your goals in this environment is to quit. And of course we know that “Winners never quit and quitters never win”.

Ultimate Environments

Most people think they need more information on “how-to” create more wealth, create better health, and be happier. There is some truth in the idea that you need to know the proper “how-to”, because if you are practicing the wrong behavior daily, you are guaranteed a negative result.

The missing element for the 95% who don’t succeed is a concept called “The Ultimate Environments of You”. There are 9 Environments that control the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act. In order to play your biggest game you must understand the environments that are working with you and upgrade the environments that are working against you. When you feel stress, struggle, or delay in reaching your goals, you have most likely created environments that are working against you and your goals, instead of pulling you towards your goals.

In The Ultimate Game, we teach you the concept of the Environments so you can assess your current environments. More importantly, we provide you with the environments we have designed to ensure your continued evolution as an Ultimate Player.

All of our environments have 3 primary functions:

  1. To raise your awareness of your performance and how to win the game
  2. To inspire all players to take daily action and track their performance
  3. To create transparency and accountability by making your goals and actions viewable by the players, coaches, and fans

Here are a few examples of The Ultimate Game of Life environments we provide:

  • The Best Training Materials in the world. Each week, you’ll have a series of lessons and exercises to participate in that are specifically designed to build awareness of where you are and what daily actions you need to take to begin pulling you in the direction of your goals.
  • An Inspiring Community of like-minded individuals achieving their goals. Each player will be matched up with an accountability partner within the game’s community. This person will be playing the game with you at the same time and level as you. Working together as a team and using the game’s online scorecard, you’ll be able to keep track of each others daily progress and be a source of motivation, support and accountability for each other. The coaches and fans will also be able to see your progress towards your goals.
  • The Ultimate Personal Coaches and Trainers to help you maximize your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. Throughout the game, you’ll be coached by experienced and trained leaders in the community whose sole purpose is to answer questions, mentor and guide you to the wins in your life that are just waiting to happen.

As we’ve mentioned, the environments we’ve crafted in The Ultimate Game of Life are the result of over 10 years of watching people set and achieve goals. We’ve had a bird’s eye view of what the ultimate players are doing to win their games and we’ve also seen what happens when players are not using the environments to their advantage.

To support you in winning your ultimate game of life no matter what level you are starting at, we’ve developed a program that’s right for you.

Join the Game

Just like in sports, your goal is to move from being a Rookie to being a Pro to being an All Star, so you can play the biggest game you can play in your lifetime. This is what we call YOUR ULTIMATE GAME OF LIFE…and every one of us has been perfectly prepared to play that game. Sometimes we just need a little coaching, support, and of course, the right environments to set us up to win.

The simple truth is that there are only a small handful of people out of the 7 billion on the planet who will ever make it to the level of playing professional sports. But everyone on the planet has the opportunity to play and win the Ultimate Game of Life.


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