Quick Start Kit

9 Environments Quick Start Kit PhotoThe Nine Environments of You Quick Start Kit

The 9 Fast Start modules in this kit are designed to help you get immediate results by introducing you to the “9 Environments of You”. You’ll be provided with actions you can apply today to create more prosperity, vitality, & joy in your life.

Your Fast-Start Videos

We put all the videos in a convenient playlist for you.
Below the player, you’ll see download links for the audios, ebook, poster, and action sheets.

Right-Click on the Download Buttons below and Save the files to your computer.

Nine Environment mp3 Audios PhotoThe Nine Environment mp3 AudiosOrange Download Button 125x125

Load these up on your iPod or mp3 player and listen to them on the way to work, while you excerise, or anywhere you want to go!

Each time you listen, you may pickup on a subtle distinction that you may have missed the first time around.


Nine Environments eBook PhotoThe Nine Environment PDF Transcripts Printable eBookOrange Download Button 125x125

Some people absorb information faster and better by reading, so we’ve transcribed the videos for you and put them into a nicely formatted, printable eBook.

This is also a great way to quickly reference the material


Nine Environments Action Sheets PhotoThe Nine Environment PDF Action Sheets (Use these!)Orange Download Button 125x125

Use these Action worksheets to put the training material above into action immediately. Investing yourself into filling them out, will help you get clear on actions that will produce results.

One nice feature of these, is that you can fill them out on your computer OR print them and complete them by hand. It’s up to you!


Nine Environments 8.5 x 11 Poster PhotoYour 8.5 x 11 Nine Environments PosterOrange Download Button 125x125

Use this in conjunction with the Ultimate Life Assessment, and print it out and post it on your wall.

On the webinar, you’ll see how Jim uses this poster as a powerful tool in keeping him on track in designing his ultimate life, and how you can too.