Below are some of the exact tools and resources we use within The Ultimate Game Of Life.  Some of these products we may have affiliate relationships with, which simply means, if you decide to utilize any of the tools we have affiliate relationships with, The Ultimate Game Of Life will receive a referral commission.  We have only included tools that we believe to be high quality and of value.

omnovia banner ResourcesMany of you have had the opportunity to experience our live webinars using Omnovia.  Forget about everything you know about web conferencing. omNovia sets new standards in quality, ease-of-use, reliability, scalability and customizability. Meet the most effective approach to provide instant access to collaborative meetings, high quality webinars, interactive trainings and engaging sales presentations, all in a web-based environment.

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maestro ResourcesMaestroConference allows you to create a dynamic environment combining the convenience of traditional conference calls, with the interactivity of a live workshop.

It's simple to create dynamic Breakout Groups that allow your callers to talk in independent private groups, that are a snap to lead or join. With the press of a key pad, callers have the ability to raise their hands to express opinions, vote or ask questions in an orderly manner.

Purchasing can be done privately, right on the call, at the exact time your customer is ready to buy.

It’s not 1970’s teleconferencing technology with some additional features. It’s an interactive communications platform, built from the ground-up, to inspire interactivity and deep engagement; making it easier to build your brand and your business.

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doe Resources"Unleash the Power of Ezines To Increase Sales!" Ezines reach millions of targeted online customers. Use it to supercharge your online marketing!  The Directory Of Ezines is a tool used by marketers worldwide.  With 100's of lists ranging from small to mailing list in the several hundred thousands, the DOE is sure to have something for you.  In addition, to the great resource the directory is loaded with training teaching you the "secrets" to successful ezine marketing.

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