Adele Good – Dallas, TX

Adele Good

  • Dallas, TX
  • Level Currently Playing: Level 3
  • Started July 2007

Adele kept dropping dress sizes as her business grew.

In her 40s, overweight and divorced, Adele Good found herself in a place that many people do at her age

“I was confused about the direction my life was headed,” she says “and I was faltering around trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

Then, one day by chance, she was introduced to Jim Bunch, the founder of The Ultimate Game of Life, and his wife, Michele

“I had an instant attraction to their vitality and zest for living life full-out and realized that was one of the things I was missing,” she says “and I wanted that, too!

She joined the “Year-Long Program: Level 3″ shortly afterwards and soon found positive changes chasing her, instead of the other way around. It all started with the game challenging her to fit into a size10 ski jacket in time for an upcoming trip

“I agreed in October that if I was not a size 10 by January (I was a size 14 when I accepted the challenge) I would not go on the trip. I had already paid for it, too! Well, it worked and I got to go skiing in a beautiful, new size 10 red ski jacket!

But Adele’s over 80lb weight loss was only the beginning. The action, awareness and accountability she learned in the game also inspired a dramatic and successful career change as a motivational speaker

“I never dreamed that I would be switching careers after 11 years of doing the same thing but that is exactly what I did when I started a new business in a totally new field. My weight loss gave me the courage to start fresh in all areas of my life, to reach out to my desires, and to inspire others to move towards their dreams. I love inspiring others to take the next step and know I am finally making an impact on this wonderful world we live in for myself and others! I am finally enjoying the game of life, full-out!”