Diane Halfman

Diane Halfman

Solana Beach, CA

Level Currently Playing: Level 3

Started March 2006

Diane built her ultimate team for health and wealth.

After a career as an undercover police officer, Diane Halfman had literally seen it all. But what she really didn’t like seeing everyday was actually in her own mirror. Middle-aged, financially struggling, and slightly overweight, Diane was feeling like her best years were far behind her.

“I felt like I had peaked and was almost constantly broke. I tracked every penny I spent and was living on a budget that would starve a mouse,” she says.

Diane discovered The Ultimate Game of Life after one of her friends had success in the game. Like any good police officer, she did her due diligence and joined the “90-day Challenge: Level 2″ in the hopes of finding what she needed and wanted in the life that was still ahead of her. As a result of the success she saw in the “90-day Challenge: Level 2″, she moved up to the “Year-Long Program: Level 3″ and has never looked back.

“Within three weeks, I had a wealth team put together who helped me see opportunities and resources I hadn’t paid attention to before. I had nearly $200,000 in home equity that I was able to invest and diversify and is now growing at over $8,000 a year. I’m now on track for assets of $2.3 million dollars and I can see how exiting the rat race is finally possible!”

And Diane’s bottom line wasn’t the only thing that started changing quickly.

“The Ultimate Game community helped me assemble a health team and focus on exercise and activity instead of diet. I started doing things I enjoyed and the pounds I had been fighting with for years were gone. And by continuing on this track, I’ve now gained 29lbs. of lean muscle, lost 15% body fat and I’m no longer a prisoner of the scale.”

But the most important thing Diane has gained from the game doesn’t have anything to do with her individual achievements.

“I’ve learned that happiness, health, wealth and life are team sports and I don’t have to go it alone anymore. And with The Ultimate Game community and coaches behind me, my best years are far from gone – they’re yet to come.”