Kathryn Collins – Teton Village, WY

Kathryn Collins

Teton Village, WY

Level Currently Playing: Level 3

Started April 2005

Kathryn went from ER doctor to lifestyle activist.

To most, Kathryn Collins was already the picture of success. An accomplished emergency room doctor, she was enjoying a comfortable lifestyle, good health and living each day knowing she was making a difference in people’s lives. But Kathryn knew deep down that there was more she could be doing to help people.

“I believe there’s a profound need to focus on prevention and wellness versus the disease management side of healthcare,” she says “and I wanted to find a second career leading that movement.

The problem is she lacked the skillset to craft her new dream career in the wellness industry and the network to assist her with the change

“My mind was full of doubt, hesitation and negativity, especially regarding various goals I would set, but never reach.

Looking for the confidence to leave the stresses and strain of the ER and pursue her dream, Kathryn joined the “90-day Challenge: Level 2″ and eventually qualified to play in the “Year-Long Program: Level 3″. In both games, she has discovered a heightened level of awareness and focus she never dreamed of

“Where once I saw limitations, I now see possibilities. Where once I’d doubted my ability to pull off a new career, I now see that I am already developing the new skillset, mindset and environments that will draw me toward my new and exciting goals as a leader in the wellness industry.

These days, Kathryn finds herself jumping out of bed in the mornings and everyone from her family to her friends are just as excited to be around her

“It’s helped to empower me with tools, strategies and awareness to be able to get the old “monkeymind” out of my head and let me live my life with clarity, freshness and ease. I can now “see” so much about who I was and am, and I now feel at choice as to whom I want to be today, how I want to live today, how I can contribute today. The Ultimate Game of Life has given me hope and possibility, as well as power, to be my authentic self, to serve humanity and to live in freedom and joy every day.”