LuAnne Hage – Del Mar, CA

LuAnne Hage

Del Mar, CA

Level Currently Playing: Level 3

Started June 2004

LuAnne completed the Ironman against all odds.

With her bright smile and sweet disposition, the last thing you’d expect to find in LuAnne Hage is a fierce competitor and athlete, but that’s exactly what she is these days.

“Before The Ultimate Game, I was living a different life focused on working and not on living,” she says ” in fact, there were often times that I wouldn’t even leave the house due to working from home and playing the “wealthy, wealthy, wealthy game” where I focused solely on business….and I wasn’t winning that game either.

But that all changed when LuAnne got involved in the “90-day Challenge: Level 2″ about 5 years ago – and the rest shall we say is “Ironman history”. With the help and encouragement of the game, its community and her coaches, LuAnne started setting goals to focus not just on wealth but also happiness and health. She finished her first Ironman Triathlon recently in Australia and is planning on tackling another one this year. For those who don’t know, that’s a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a full 26.2 mile marathon all within 17 hours – not bad for someone who had those around her discourage her from attempting such a feat due to not being “an athlete”.

“I know that one of the primary reasons I’m an Ironman today is because of what I learned in the game…the power of the 9 Environments in my life, putting a team in place to support me, and the power of memetics (my thoughts, beliefs, and self talk). That belief and confidence I had in myself and the refusal to accept that I couldn’t do it,” she says “came from my lessons in the game.

And LuAnne has taken what’s she learned in both the Level 2 and Level 3 programs and applied it to every aspect of her life now

“My life would not be the same without this game and the people and community that it has brought me. I live a life more on purpose and with direction. Because of the game, I have moved from Arizona to San Diego, have a new direction with my business/professional life, have a whole new group of friends and a personal life, am more financially responsible, have more respect for myself and a confidence I can do anything, and of course…I’m an Ironman!!”