Mykola Latansky – Kyiv, Ukraine

Mykola Latansky

Kyiv, Ukraine

Level Currently Playing: Level 3

Started April 2008

Mykola increased business by 500% and still going.

Growing up in the Ukraine, Mykola Latansky had been exposed to great change throughout his life as his country emerged and grew from behind the wall of communism. However, with as much positive change as he has seen around him, it was the one thing that had eluded him in his own life

“I was overweight, struggling to grow my business and was earning very little money,” he says

But it wasn’t until he found love that he realized how important making changes in himself would mean to his future happiness and success

“I had started a relationship with my new girlfriend and wanted to seriously build it, so I needed some definite actions.

After finding The Ultimate Game through attending one of the live events, The Ultimate Life Workshop, Mykola joined – especially when seeing and hearing of so many people’s success with it

“It wasn’t like anything I had seen before. I had the chance to talk to some of the people who had been through the game already and I knew the game had the best coaches in the world – I wanted to learn from them.

Once Mykola was able to grasp the tools The Ultimate Game “90 day Challenge” provided, the positive transformation he experienced was everything he had been searching for and more. It was something that not many people in his country ever get to experience. He was hooked and signed up right after for the “Year-Long Program: Level 3″

“My business model improved 500% in less than 6 months, I started writing a book, losing weight and taking better care of myself,” he says “and I found I was better able to focus on my girlfriend and our relationship. We now go out, share, and surprise each other more than ever before.

And even though he lives a world away from most, the lessons he’s learned are universal

“I’m proof that anyone, anywhere can do this,” he says. “The breakthroughs, information, and insights I’ve gained have been life-changing. I will always be proud of where I come from, but I’m another person now from what I used to be thanks to The Ultimate Game of Life.”