The 90 Day Challenge Video Contest


Video Testimonials

• Record a 2 minute or less video (no more than 3 minutes so practice before you record)

• Post the videos on

Suggestion for video content

• Who are you, story...

• Company you work for and your title (ex: Keller Williams real estate, Top agent)

• Specific wins... 3 topics (HHW)

o Happy- decluttered my office and feel more inspired about my life

o Health- reduce my body fat by 19% like ken gerrero and now i fit in a size 6 dress like suzy

• Other programs they have taken and didn’t bring results

o I have been through firewalks, bought the butt blaster infomercial kits, read every book on self help and watched every how to make money online with no work at all that has ever been produced and nothing got me
to take action like the 90 day

• Before and After--> Results

o Before the challenge I was confused, overwhelmed, 20 lbs overweight and my cat couldn't even look at me without judging me

• About the content/webinars/gym calls/socrecard/accountability partner

o My favorite webinar was webinar #5 on the 9 environments where I finally understood how my life cant change until my environments change

o My accountability partner and I spoke daily for 5 minutes and we challenged each other to do things we never thought we could accomplish

o I hate tracking things...but, the scorecard changed my life, it was easy to see what I needed to accomplish each day and as a result, I felt more confident than ever before and I achieved my goal in 1/2 the time

• Challenges you overcame

o I struggled with

o All my life it has been hard to...

o No matter how much I told myself to workout, save money, etc I never could until the game

• Tangible wins

o Reduced body fat by 19%

o Saved $5k

o Reduced expenses by $500/month

o Worked out daily and replaced the 6 pack of beer with a 6 pack abs and now my wife is actually digging seeing me in that leopard thong...yeah baby

• Other people noticing changes on you

o Everywhere I go, people asking me whats different...they think I changed my hair but in reality I changed my life


Thank you TUG players and team...this is the most powerful program I’ve ever invested in


1) Everybody Wins Big prize-- $79 DISC Assessment - a 21 page report - anyone who submits a video wins the assessment and debrief report

2) Grand Prize- 1 hour private coaching session with Jim focused on your “How to be Free in 3-- wealth strategy”


grand prize determined by random drawing to make it fair it's time to go record your video at GAME ON!